BLOW ME - 169% Pure Essential oil Lip Balm.
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BLOW ME - 169% Pure Essential oil Lip Balm.

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Treat your lips right with our 169% natural lip balm!

With our unique blend of natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils, this lip balm will not only nourish your lips, it also comes with loads of potential added benefits!

Ylang Ylang ~ Is beneficial for the endocrine system, cardiovascular system, immune system, beautifying your skin while also relieving stress and depression

Pink GrapefruitThe reviving scent of Pink Grapefruit oil helps uplift and refresh the mind, sharpen the senses and promote alertness.

Wintergreen~ In addition to its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, wintergreen essential oil has antispasmodics, hypotensive, slightly vasodilator, and analgesic properties.